Image Processing & Machine Vision Lab
  PhD Research
  MS Research
  Major projects of Previous years
  Research in PhD level

1.      Motion Blur parameter identification

2.      Finding a model for calculating watermarking capacity in gray scale images

3.      Watermarking

4.      Image segmentation

5.      Image Annotation

6.      Tracking

7.      Medical image processing

  Research in MS level


1.   Extracting feasible feature for watermarking similar images for publicly copyright protection

2.   Markerless face capture

3.   Recognizing human face expression using a mobile camera

4.   Vision-based navigation for an autonomous car robot using a 2-D map

5.   Indoor Office environment mapping using a mobile robot

6.   A fast algorithm for shadow generation with low distortion based on shadow map technique

7.   Color Consistency

8.   Design and Implementation of a Model in Video-realistic Speech Animation for Farsi Language

9.   Scene Classification Based on Color and Texture

10.   Texture Analysis in order to use in Content Based Image Retrieval

11.   Survey and improvement of robust text image watermarking methods

12.   Design and implementation of face animation with continues changing feelings for Persian speaking

13.   A boosting algorithm for face recognition

14.   Converting a neutral face image to each of its main six facial expressions

15.   Face recognition under varying illumination based on a 2D face shape model


Major projects of previous years

RoboCup [Dr. Jamzad Home Page]


M.Jamzad is the founder of RoboCup in Iran

He started the Middle size RoboCup project with a group of students from Department of Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering of Sharif University of Technology in 1988.

This team designed and constructed the middle size robots and participated in the following international competitions:


August 1998

Participating as observer


August 1999

1st place in Middle size competitions


April 2000

1st place in Middle size competitions of European RoboCup


August 2000

3rd place Middle size competitions


August 2001

Best Engineering Challenging award for the research work in Robot vision system

Thanks a lot to the support of all high ranking managers of Sharif University of Technology and our financial supporters without whose support this success was impossible.


The 1st Simulation RoboCup project was done as a MS thesis by Mr. Alireza Abedinejad titled “Simulation of soccer robots”, under supervision of Dr.M.Jamzad inِ Department of Computer Engineering, Sharif University of Technology in Feb 1989.