Image Processing & Machine Vision Lab
Current MSc Students

   Shahryar Ehsaee                                  Email:

 Research Interest: Digital Image Processing, Digital Image Watermarking, Multimedia Security

   Thesis Title: Extracting feasible feature for watermarking similar images for publicly copyright protection

   Admitted Year: 1390

   Faraz Foroghi                                        Email:

   Research Interest: game development, computer graphics, augmented reality

   Thesis Title: Markerless face capture

   Admitted Year: 1390

   Azarakhsh Keipour
                                                                   Home Page:

Research Interest: Path and Motion Planning, Robot Vision, (Vision-based) Control of Unmanned Vehicles, Robot Learning, Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics, Non-linear Control, Optimization and Optimal Control, Multiagent Systems


Thesis Title: Vision-based navigation for an autonomous car robot using a 2-D map




M. Ebrahimi Moghadam, A. Keipour, A. H. Abdi; Data Structures and Algorithms (in Persian); Nasir Publishing- 1st ed. - 715 pages - September 2012.


1. A. Keipour, M. Eshghi, S. Mohammadzadeh Ghadikolaei, N. Mohammadi, Sh. Ensafi; Omnifont Persian OCR system using primitives; IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT 2013); Cape Town, South Africa, 25-27th February 2013.


2. A. Keipour, Z. Sudi, E. Mohagheghi, A. Hadipour Lakmehsari, A. Hajihosseinlu; A novel control technique for Power Factor Correction in SEPIC converter utilizing input/output voltage waveforms sampling; Proceedings of 2012 IEEE International Conference on Power and Energy (PECON 2012); Sutera Harbour, Sabah, Malaysia, pp. 275-280, 2-5th December 2012.


3. E. Mohagheghi, A. Keipour, Z. Sudi, M. Moallemi, A. Hajihosseinlu; Analyzing and modeling of a new resonance inverter for low power vehicular application; Proceedings of 2012 IEEE International Conference on Power and Energy (PECON 2012); Sutera Harbour, Sabah, Malaysia, pp. 563-568, 2-5th December 2012.


4. Sh. Ensafi, M. Miremadi, M. Eshghi, M. Naseri, A. Keipour; Recognition of Separate and Joined Persian Letters using Primitive Elements Forming Letters; Proceedings of 17th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE 2009); Tehran, Iran, 12-14th May 2009.


   Admitted Year: 1390

   Zohreh Rashidi Moghaddam

   Research Interest: Image Processing, Machine Vision, Machine Learning

   Thesis Title: Recognizing human face expression using a mobile camera

   Admitted Year: 1390

   Kourosh Sartipi
                                                                  Home Page:

   Research Interest: Machine Vision, Robotic

   Thesis Title: Indoor office environment mapping using a mobile robot

   Admitted Year: 1390

   Ehsan Zare                                           Email:

   Research Interest: Shadow Generation in 3D Scenes, 3D Space Rendering, Particle Systems In Computer                                                 Graphics, Fractal Generation, Physics engines

   Thesis Title: A fast algorithm for shadow generation with low distortion based on shadow map technique

  Admitted Year: 1390

   Zeinab Abedini

   Research Interest: Astronomical Image Processing, Image Enhancement

   Thesis Title: Color consistency

   Admitted Year: 1389

  Zeinab Ghasemi Naraghi                    Email:

   Research Interest: Image Processing, Machine Vision

Thesis Title: Design and implementation of a model in video-realistic speech animation for
Farsi language

   Admitted Year: 1389

   Amin Moaven Jula                             Email:

   Research Interest: Scene and Image Classification, Texture and Color Features

   Thesis Title: Scene classification based on color and texture

   Admitted Year: 1389